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NB: Unilever Foods is collaborating with food influencers and leading chefs shaping the way we eat today, including Victus & Bibo
As a user of the VICTUS femtosecond laser platform, I'm very excited about the latest upgrades for this versatile platform", says Terrence P.
With the use of Victus, RAK Eye Care Centre provides the very latest Micro incision Phaco emulsification surgery for cataract removal, promoting fast healing and early visual rehabilitation.
Victus purchased the land for St James' Point in March 2013 complete with planning permission for the 215-studio scheme.
Victus offers investors an opportunity to invest in an open-ended European Student Accommodation Fund, blending a mixture of mature property together with development opportunities.
Together, we ve proven our ability to introduce and market the highly innovative and differentiated VICTUS Femtosecond Laser Platform, and we look forward to working with our Bausch + Lomb colleagues to further advance ocular surgery using other laser-based technologies.
Director of Finance Brian Turbitt said the proposed agreement with Florida-based Victus Solar, doing business as Mass PV, would "smooth out" annual payments to the town instead of taxing the photovoltaic panels as depreciating personal property.
victus, 89) and running (neque segni pede victus, 9) would make him a natural huntsman (catus idem per apertum fugientis agitato grege cervos iaculari, 10-11), seeking challenges to hone his skill (celer arto latiantem / fruticeto excipere aprum, 11-12).
Cui ego: <<Feruntur ista quidem, hic utique extemporali facultate etiam insignis, seu prosa seu versu velitis; non multos ante hos dies a Leone X iussus cum Marone certare in Medicorum Cosmiana solennitate, victus cessit.
As at the date hereof, Victus holds approximately 3.
a 2r: "Civem porro dicunt qui civitatis legibus victus honores et onera subit, et eius sive boni sive mali quod suae civitati accidit sit particeps.
NEW PRODUCTS: Eau Aromatique body scent, Victus deodorant stick and