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The increased focus on delivering viewable ads results in agencies sup- plying publishers with ads taking up ever greater file sizes.
1 inch LED back lit sunlight viewable displays are suited for environmental applications such as factory floors, assembly lines, automation, packaging facilities, visual inspection stations, outdoor signage, pharmaceutical, outdoor kiosks, chemical and food processing.
TechCrunch, one of the news sites that carried the story, reported receiving several emails from readers complaining about seeing their older private messages suddenly viewable to others.
In addition to Flat AG technology, the 447PR0 features FullScreen technology, which provides the user with a viewable image.
The daylight viewable monitors are capable of operating in an ultra-wide temperature range of -10 to 50C with optional extended temperatures of -40 to 55C.
Price at $349, the c901 19-inch monitor offers an impressive 1280 x 1024 resolution at 85Hz with a large 18-inch viewable area, clearer on-screen imaging, and easy to use features.