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Singh, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, SPN, said: "The acquisition of media rights of ECB for a five-year term, effective now through 2022, provides for some exciting cricket viewership.
The quality broadcast and the viewership that we have garnered for the inaugural edition is a proof to the kind of potential that we see in sports to shape India's future champions.
45 million people tuned in to set a viewership record that lasted a year.
Grammy viewership has generally been between 20 and 30 million this past decade, from a high of 39.
What viewership behaviors for instructional video can we measure that may be more actionable?
First, the purpose of this study is to analyze fan involvement and its contribution to mediated PPV viewership.
The partnership also includes the use of audience and analytics reports, which provides viewership information from TiVo's Targeted Audience Delivery (TAD) platform to better inform users about what particular shows their audiences viewed and are predicted to view.
With over 1 million viewership in just 3 days (and 1800+ unlicensed stream bans), its performance highlighted the love and passion of the Pakistani nation for cricket.
National Football League (NFL) regular-season games attract as much viewership as National Basketball Association (NBA) playoff games, with the NFL's Super Bowl knocking every other sport in the U.
According to the Accenture study, viewership for long-form video content, such as films and television shows, on a TV screen is found to have declined by 13 per cent globally over the past year alone, while sports viewership on TV screens decreased by 10 per cent.
Tournament Down Under has registered lowest viewership among the last three editions