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Moments after the victory by Lerner and Snyder, sophomores Brandon Mischel and Jordan Parzick added an 11thwin for Viewpoint with a 6-2triumph over Jesse Glass and Brian Park.
A win today could also elevate the Viewpoint program into some elite company among area boys' tennis programs.
And Viewpoint is there" Haladay concluded, "In 2010, Viewpoint added over 500 features to its product and this will accelerate in 2011.
No longer the industry's best-kept secret, Viewpoint V6 Software is well positioned for significant growth in 2010 as forward-thinking contractors invest in modern technology to take advantage of the coming rebound.
Viewpoint Lifestyle scales its services to each client's needs and develops messaging and execution strategies that are effective across all media, from a single print ad or radio spot to a multi-platform campaign.
Also, Viewpoint and Harvard-Westlake each can make school history with victories today.
Viewpoint V6 Software alleviates bottlenecks, fully integrates all areas of the company, provides us a clear picture of our financial health, and allows us to do more with fewer people.
Our heads played a role,'' Viewpoint coach Rae Marie Basmagian said.
Viewpoint Construction Software President Myrna Hostetler agreed, "Donley's as well as other Viewpoint customers are realizing the benefits of partnering with a software vendor that can deliver a flexible product built on an extensible technology platform without the need for customer-by-customer code customization.
After a five-game victory over Campbell Hall in the quarterfinals Friday, Viewpoint of Calabasas made quick work of the visiting Tartans of San Juan Capistrano (16-5) in the semis, winning 15-9, 15-7, 15-9.
Viewpoint Construction Software President Myrna Hostetler comments, "Today's leading contractors like Manhattan want a truly integrated, flexible product with out-of-the-box tailoring ability.
Michael Caloz, grade 10, Viewpoint High School, ``Computer modeling: a predator-prey ecosystem.