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The vigil will take place in the main lobby of the college's Des Plaines campus, 1600 E.
Vigil offers a technology platform combining software and hardware to provide comprehensive solutions to the expanding seniors' housing market.
"Army is keeping a strict vigil on the border and regular search operations are going on.
More than a dozen baton-wielding men had attacked the participants in the vigil held at Liberty Chowk in Lahore to mark the death anniversary of Salman Taseer on Jan 4, 2015.
Hundreds of people around Scotland gathered at vigils yesterday to call for religious tolerance following last week's terrorist attack in New Zealand.
Exercise 'Sea Vigil' will provide a realistic assessment of our strengths and weakness and this will certainly help further strengthening of maritime security and in turn national security.
They also denounced absence of any government official in candle light vigil held in the federal capital.
Comedian Eddie Izzard watches as Jeremy Corbyn speaks at the vigil Picture: JAMES MALONEY
? The vigil takes place on Monday August 27 at 9.15pm.
"The venue for the vigil of remembrance will be within the ruins of Coventry Cathedral, where a previous vigil and Darren's funeral was held last year.
George's cousin, Roxanne Dornan, helped organise Friday's vigil. She said: "We wanted to do something here for Genie as she was unable to attend the vigil in Rothesay last Sunday.