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The Vigilant Biosciences OncAlert Oral Cancer product line is based on patented technology that measures soluble CD44, a tumor-initiating and stem cell-associated biomarker, and total protein levels markers clinically validated to be associated specifically with oral cancer to aid clinicians in the early detection and intervention of oral cancer.
I would say that as a dog walker and animal lover myself to please just be vigilant.
The Pakistan Army informed that they were ready and vigilant for rescue operations in case there were floods.
He asked the people to keep a vigilant eye and in case of any movement of suspects or suspicious vehicle, bag or parcel etc, Madadgar 15 or nearest police station should be informed.
An official with Vigilant Solutions declined to identify any of the Texas cities or counties enrolled in its warrant redemption program.
We are asking parents and carers to talk to children about being vigilant and keeping themselves safe when out and about.
Based in Livermore, California, Vigilant Solutions is an industry-leading pioneer of innovative intelligence solutions that help law enforcement protect officers, families and communities.
Delivering 125 lumens per watt at less than half the power consumption of conventional HID products, the Vigilant high-output LED High Bay is said to be a true innovation, offering approximately 60,000 lumen output from a single 480W Dialight-designed power supply, in a sleek, durable and lightweight package.
POLICE are urging people to be vigilant, following a spate of burglaries.
Global Banking News-October 7, 2014--Fed official wants bank to be vigilant on inflation
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-June 3, 2013-Bay-Vanguard Federal Savings Bank buys Vigilant Federal Savings Bank(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.