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VIGILANCE. Proper attention in proper time.
     2. The law requires a man who has a claim to enforce it in proper time, while the adverse party has it in his power to defend himself; and if by his neglect to do so, he cannot afterwards establish such claim, the maxim vigilantibus non dormientibus leges subserviunt, acquires full force in such case. For example, a claim not sued for within the time required by the acts of limitation, will be presumed to be paid; and the mere possession of corporeal real property, as if in fee simple, and without admitting any other ownership for sixty years, is a sufficient title against all the world, and cannot be impeached by any dormant claim. See 3 Bl. Com. 196, n; 4 Co. 11 b. Vide Twenty years.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Sheikh Sabah called for vigilence and to join hands against all dangers against Kuwait.
Vigilence, pulmonary artery OptiQ catheter insertion, arrhythmia, knotting and pulmonary embolism Measures pulmonary Continuous cardiac artery pressures output inaccurate when hypothermic and signal averaging over several minutes creates time lag in displaying sudden changes in cardiac output Moderate imprecision when compared with aortic flow probe as gold standard.
c) Finally, a more inclusive conception, given the fact that it not only concerns the implementation phase (ie not only the actual control of the strategy), but also the formulation of the strategic management model, is that related to the establishment of a sysem of, strategic vigilence" in the company, which consists of monitorization (generally on selective basis) of the signals that announce major changes in the environment and at the level of the progress indicators in achieving the company's strategy.
The weak prevalence of the HIV/AIDS is due to the vigilence and the intensification of efforts by the different parties concerned such as the government, civil society and international organizations, the Minister said at the UN high-level meeting on the follow-up of the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS (June 8-10).
We must strengthen our resolve and sharpen our vigilence.
Families at the bedside: an ethnographic study of vigilence, Journal of Family Practitioner, 48(6):433-438.
Terrorists attacks in travel hotspots have raised the need for extra vigilence
The recent court case involving electoral fraud in Birmingham at the local elections and the significant increase in the number of postal votes requested this time has highlighted the need for vigilence.
England's savage past is a painful memory which undermines notions of inherent English civility and implies the need for constant vigilence against degeneration.
The vigilence of the individual mothers varied considerably.
The authors adhered to advocating open access to public records as provided by law, but they proposed legislation to protect people against commercial use of private information and heightened individual vigilence over protecting the integrity of private information.