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Tenders are invited for urgent repairing and additions to the ei in vigilence and anti corruption bureu unit kottayam.
Vigilence and persistence have been watchwords of independent insurance agents for decades and that has been a vital force in both the protection of the integrity of system and of its members.
This criminal operation is part of a scheme hidden hands are concocting for the [Palestinian refugee] camps and their neighborhood in Sidon and the south; this requires vigilence and wisdom, as well as full coordination with the Lebanese security forces, on top of which the army, to thwart this criminal plan," the party said in a statement.
The solution, one police chief says, is public vigilence and the will to step up.
Ce regime ne peut que nuire a la sante des forces de l'ordre, a leur vigilence et a leur rendement.
At a night of severe storm accompanied by rain and thunder at last the Jhelum was affected which abated the vigilence of Porus at a point 17 miles upstream from the original camp.
A top-level federal memo warning of a potential "violent act of terrorism in Canada," distributed by the prime minister's staff five days before last month's attack on Parliament Hill, directed staff to ensure vigilence and strict compliance with security protocols.
Indeed, sites containing half-built homes on projects in Bahrain have been booby-trapped by dissidents over the past year, leading police to call on contractors to maintain vigilence.
Whilst India has put on hold its search for the missing aircraft at the request of the Malaysian government, which wants to reassess the hunt for the vanished plane, fishermen and local boatmen said they had been instructed to exercise extra vigilence while out at sea.
Saleh a appele les citoyens a la vigilence pour repondre a ces complots imperialiste et sioniste exhortant le peuple du Soudan a soutenir les personnes touchees par l'agression criminelle.
However, despite our continuous vigilence, thing might happen -- as cyberworld is the next frontier for all activities," said a senior banker in Dubai, requesting anonymity.
We certainly have no reason to believe that they made Lagos less safe in terms of building fires, and it is plausible that their vigilence and prevention services have been a boon to safety.