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Tenders are invited for providing waterproof treatment over roof of arjitham office and vigilence office at tirumala
Indeed, sites containing half-built homes on projects in Bahrain have been booby-trapped by dissidents over the past year, leading police to call on contractors to maintain vigilence.
Whilst India has put on hold its search for the missing aircraft at the request of the Malaysian government, which wants to reassess the hunt for the vanished plane, fishermen and local boatmen said they had been instructed to exercise extra vigilence while out at sea.
Saleh a appele les citoyens a la vigilence pour repondre a ces complots imperialiste et sioniste exhortant le peuple du Soudan a soutenir les personnes touchees par l'agression criminelle.
However, despite our continuous vigilence, thing might happen -- as cyberworld is the next frontier for all activities," said a senior banker in Dubai, requesting anonymity.
We certainly have no reason to believe that they made Lagos less safe in terms of building fires, and it is plausible that their vigilence and prevention services have been a boon to safety.
Sheikh Sabah called for vigilence and to join hands against all dangers against Kuwait.
Vigilence, pulmonary artery OptiQ catheter insertion, arrhythmia, knotting and pulmonary embolism Measures pulmonary Continuous cardiac artery pressures output inaccurate when hypothermic and signal averaging over several minutes creates time lag in displaying sudden changes in cardiac output Moderate imprecision when compared with aortic flow probe as gold standard.
The weak prevalence of the HIV/AIDS is due to the vigilence and the intensification of efforts by the different parties concerned such as the government, civil society and international organizations, the Minister said at the UN high-level meeting on the follow-up of the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS (June 8-10).
In vain did he endeavour to drown [Emily's] image in perpetual scenes of the most abandoned debauchery and riotous intoxication--The unconquerable friends of remorse, disappointment and disgrace pursued him with unremitting vigilence, and the graceful insinuating being whose well shadowed semblance of all the virtues had captivated the young and innocent Emily could no longer be traced in the diseased and bloated tyrant who with a body disfigured by vice and a temper soured by vexation vented his cruelty upon all whose ill-fortune placed them in his power and at length fell in the prime of life a victim of intemperance, pitied by few and lamented by none.
Terrorists attacks in travel hotspots have raised the need for extra vigilence
The recent court case involving electoral fraud in Birmingham at the local elections and the significant increase in the number of postal votes requested this time has highlighted the need for vigilence.