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Simple correlation coefficients among standard germination, laboratory emergence, field emergence and seed vigor tests in 34 seed lots of safflower.
Esta porcion constitucional esta en vigor desde el 17 de septiembre de este ano y no existe mandato alguno que aplace su plena efectividad.
As part of the initial phase of this new system, Vigor has chosen Telestream as their transcoding partner to optimize delivery of media files in station workflows.
And Vigor could be the team's secret weapon by spilling the beans on his boss at Bristol, Andreas Kapoulas, who's coaching England here.
Founded in 1917, Vigor is a company in the Brazilian dairy market focused on value added products and innovation.
The research was conducted at the Laboratory of seed analysis in the center of agricultural science from the Universidade Federal da Paraiba, Campus II, in Areia--PB, with 20 lots of corn seeds cultivar Sertanejo obtained in unit of seed processing (UBS) of the state agricultural research company of Paraiba (EMEPA--PB), that after obtaining the seeds they were subjected to germination and vigor tests.
Several seed vigor tests have been developed for better prediction of field performance of seed lots (Hampton and Coolbear, 1990; ISTA, 2002; Milosevic et al., 2010; Arif et al., 2014).
Seed vigor index: Seed vigor index was calculated after determining germination percentage and seedling length of the same seed lot.
In my experience, close spacing in the vine row is the principal cause of excessive vigor, as the vines get into a vegetative growth cycle, and yield and quality typically decline.
Quanto a classificacao do vigor das plantulas, a cultivar 1 obteve os melhores resultados em todas as doses, comparativamente com as outras cultivares e, a cultivar 2 so nao foi de performance inferior a cultivar 3, na testemunha (0 mL [kg.sup.-1]).
Seed vigor tests are based on different concepts, such as the resistance to stress, speed of germination, membrane integrity and seedling development (MATTHEWS et al., 2012).
Portanto, e necessario a utilizacao de testes de vigor que identifiquem diferencas associadas aos eventos iniciais da sequencia de deterioracao, como reducao da atividade respiratoria e biossintese de compostos.