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The last component, of which the values were statistically significantly affected by the match, is the component of activity and vigorousness. The average value decreased, but it did not reach the average value for the Czech population.
The scarcity of research arises from the fact that, when interactional conduct is involved, fruitful quantification requires a thorough grasp of how journalistic vigorousness or aggressiveness is instantiated at the ground level, in actual practices of questioning and interrogation.
Relaxed mood 3.43 0.875 3.51 1.107 Clear-headedness 3.04 0.843 2.95 0.999 Happiness 2.92 0.874 2.75 0.903 Initiative 2.84 0.867 2.65 0.882 Perseverance 2.49 0.859 2.34 0.860 Vigorousness 3.12 0.829 3.04 0.812 Creativity 3.13 0.735 3.02 0.782 Activity 2.98 0.909 2.95 0.783 Concentration 2.92 0.948 2.76 0.789 Affability 2.82 0.864 2.72 0.829 Cooperation with peers 2.30 0.833 2.15 0.693 Sharing with peers 2.33 0.851 2.17 0.740 Pre-Post Items Mean diff.
(16) While the Court of Appeals rather curtly upholds the district court's ruling that such a claim is invalid, the vigorousness of the dissent--and its turn to seventeenth-century English common law in order to hold that the plaintiffs are indeed U.S.
Eager vigorousness animates otherwise-civilized habitual bathgoer.
(110) Instead, according to the court, it was Peru's "vigorousness" in opposing the action that "alerted ...
In many aspects, both countries shared common characteristics in their social sectors, prominently the vigorousness of the movement that had grown during the long period of dictatorships in both countries.
"People are questioning the validity and vigorousness of the economic recovery," says Graham Secker of Morgan Stanley.
Nuova Simonelli is vigorousness itself, hopping with energy and ideas, and so perhaps it surprised some when the acquisition of such a treasure was announced.
Nevertheless, there's a vigorousness about Ann that would put many women half her age to shame, and in terms of looks she could easily lob a decade off her age.
One need only look at the vigorousness with which modern youth invests themselves voluntarily in using and mastering computers, including the internet, to realize that youth's willingness and capacity to learn voluntarily has been vastly underestimated by educators; that voluntary learning might yield a cornucopia of unexpected results.
The inclusion of at least some of these would provide the student and scholar with some sense of the vigorousness with which the issue was fought by interested parties.