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com/hawelti/status/692266924651233282) tweet that "the story illustrates [the] vileness of the dark forces of disinformation and proclivity of others to readily embrace the negative narrative on Eritrea.
The report is disastrous but real; it is sobering when many hopes, and for many, all hopes, have been, over days, pulverized by the use that was made of the Revolution and the despair it has caused in a Nation which has yet stood up as one to mourn a regime of which it had felt in its flesh all the malfeasance, vileness and depravity.
I tried to understand why you are so venomous, why you have so much vileness.
Take a moment to savour the cowardice and vileness of that last remark.
Nowadays though, the only purpose this refectory of vileness seems to have is to show just how much the modern world's gone to hell in a handcart.
There are no words to describe the vileness of the video beheadings of two U.
Even the potent possibility of urban terrorism making a comeback in all its previous vileness seems to have drowned into the oblivion of a raging despicable politicking.
While the numbers of dead, both in Srebrenica and Bergen-Belsen, far outnumber those of the crime Peled writes about, the use of bulldozers on the dead and the incredible vileness of the killing act evoke pictures that are hard to take.
Himself alone Could thus have dared the grave to agitate And claim, among the dead, this awful crown; Nor doubt that He marked also for his own Close to these cloistral steps a burial-place, That every foot might fall with heavier tread, Trampling upon his vileness.
Nixon also plays with the evil stepmother character, explaining her vileness to Cinderella by having the girl (wrongly) blamed for her father's death which is really the fault of the two sisters.
The vileness of the crimes that have been committed should not be ignored.
The drawings and paintings were the work of school children, mainly ages 8 to 16, who were instructed to depict the vileness of drug abuse.