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MARIBOR: Handanovic, Klinar (Pihler 52), Ivkovic, Suler, Viler, Hotic Vrhovec, Dervisevic (Vrsic 73), Mesanovic (Mlakar 80), Zahovic, Tavares.
Sore loser Mitja Viler last night lit a fuse under Rangers' Europa League return with Maribor as he branded Alfredo Morelos a diving, "dirty player".
Lassana Coulibaly's late header put daylight between the teams but Mitja Viler's strike for Mari-bormeans means there is still work to do in Thursday's return.
Maribor flickered into life and Loris Karius was called into action to keep out Mitja Viler's drive at his near post.
The which base creatures, the viler they seem to be, the more commend they the goodness of the Creator, who would not the abject thing that is, should altogether be without, wherewith to serve, and do homage to his Lord and Master; which if these things afford us, what may we justly promise to our selves, and require of the rest, more excellent creatures?
The book begins as a kind of literary freak show, introducing a cast of characters with each one viler or more morally reprehensible than the one that came before.
Besides that, engaging in a homosexual act is absolutely immoral and a serious deviation from the inherent nature of man, and these acts of defiance against human nature are also even viler and uglier than adultery and are forbidden in Islam (Bonthuys 2012).
COVER STAR p4 one of Esther Rantzen's great pearls of wisdom is: 'Never eat cat or dog food it's viler than you might think!'
Joe accidentally piercing bread with pins that the children afterward get in their mouths when they eat the bread (Dickens 10) oddly prefigures the viler event of Smerdyakov deliberately teaching Ilyusha to stick pins into bread and feed it to his dog.
He observed that "there is a lower and still viler being than the black fetichist, and that is the fetichist turned Mussulman.
"Two thirds of our city population is composed of foreigners, and the poorer and often viler class," he wrote.