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By garbage I mean any or all of the following: corporate-speak, brand manifestos, NGO reports, think tank reports, letters from government agencies replying to American oil companies, letters from government agencies replying to human rights organizations, prose written by self-professed wunderkinds whose trust funds and unearned self-confidence are paying for the translation, and that vilest genre of all, the art text.
"His leadership of IS has been punctuated with some of the vilest acts of violence against human beings by terrorists.
A judge said Gallagher's 'breach of trust [had been in] the vilest possible manner.'.
Teaming up with the quirky assortment of do-gooders, Miles finds himself face-to-face with some of his world's vilest villains-which could lead to a devastating discovery.
Some are innocuous such as life hacks and some trawl the vilest internet memes.
For decades, Farrakhan has been spouting the vilest Jew-hatred his limited imagination can muster: calling Judaism a "gutter religion," saying Hitler was a "very great man" and generally trying to outdo his last bit of lurid anti-Semitism.
New Delhi: The Congress on Friday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi is"rattled"and"unnerved"as he and his party have shown their"parochial-hateful mindset"by mocking the religious journey of Rahul Gandhi to Kailash Mansarovar and noted that it is the vilest attack on Hindu faith.
A RETIRED RAF serviceman and exsupermarket security guard has been jailed for downloading the "vilest" images of children being abused and distributing them to a known sex offender.
A GP who was jailed for two years for downloading the vilest of child abuse images has been struck off.
Our moles have picked on their radar an unprecedented streak of brazen intrusion apparently involving one of the last of South Africa's vilest apartheid remnants.