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This is shameful this is how you celebrate your artist's success by vilifying their character?!
Chief executive Rebecca Hilsenrath said yesterday: "Boris Johnson's use of language in this instance, which risks dehumanising and vilifying Muslim women, is inflammatory and divisive."
30 ( ANI ): Vilifying The United States' 'Trade War' approach, China asserted on turning to dialogue and consultations to settle the ongoing trade-feuds between the nations.
The Government is vilifying unemployed people yet again, this punitive approach will just entrench poverty and mean more kids without food on the table.
We shouldn't be vilifying individuals but systems, she said.
Our members are finding it more difficult to manage." He said the Coalition should stop vilifying public-sector workers and added: "People are getting into a position where they will have to take action to protect their families."
When the Channel Five begins its work, it may begin vilifying the president, Narymbaev cited the Speaker as saying.
IT is noticeable that some of your contributors have taken to vilifying Gordon Brown, an honourable man.
Pou's boss at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, said, "This is vilifying the heroes.
Vilifying greens proved easier than vilifying green policies, which the public largely supported.
Under the act, Satanists and witches would be able to complain about Catholic priests or Anglicans, for example, "vilifying" their beliefs.