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And he went through the garden to the villa and ordered Pitcher to prepare for his return to England.
Bygrave, Miss Bygrave; North Shingles Villa, Aldborough.
When the chill of the night had driven away the guests from the gardens, and the gates of the villa were closed on them for the festa in-doors, he took Teresa quite away, and as he left her at her home, he said, --
A few minutes later our driver pulled up at a neat little red-brick villa with overhanging eaves which stood by the road.
I mention her name because we are passing her villa on the left.
In a quarter of an hour the news that a gentleman who was a temporary visitor to the town had been stabbed in his bed, spread through every street and villa of the popular watering-place.
Against the uniform sheet of snow and the greyish winter sky the Italian villa loomed up rather grimly; even in summer it kept its distance, and the boldest coleus bed had never ventured nearer than thirty feet from its awful front.
One of the painters at the Villa Medici had called him
It was a small wooden villa, and he was struck by its attractive and clean appearance; it stood in a pleasant little garden, full of flowers.
Having at length earned enough to take a holiday, and being sick of the place, he proposed to put his villa, on the slope of the mountain, at his sister's disposal.
You mean," Villa Kennan challenged, "that these head-hunting cannibals ashore here keep records of pedigrees and maintain kennels; for surely this absurd adventurer of a dog is as proper an Irish terrier as the Ariel is an Oregon-pine-planked schooner.
While Harley talked with Henderson, Villa investigated Michael; and Michael scarcely opened his eyes ere he closed them again.