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VILLAIN., An epithet used to cast contempt and contumely on the person to whom it is applied.
     2. To call a man a villain in a letter written to a third person, will entitle him to an action without proof of special damages. 1 Bos. & Pull. 331.

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I am a connoisseur of those Bond villains, but it is a hard one to do," Branagh said.
But beware - once Epic Hero Cards are in play, then the GM may play Epic Villain Cards.
Villain tragedy, as a genre, has received limited attention by modern critics notwithstanding its popularity on the Restoration stage (Hume, Development 199).
The programme wouldn't be complete if it didn't feature sharptongued Mr Cruel himself, Simon Cowell, and former Coronation Street villain Brian Capron (aka Richard Hillman) is also among those offering their what keeps us rooting for the bad guys.
Ek Villain sets out to convince you everyone has a dark side.
The 'shiqui 2' star said, "There are no heroes in the film, as this film is about villains.
The Disney Villains collection includes books on beauty looks, nail polish, nail art, hair accessories, eyelashes and cosmetics bags, and it features such memorable Disney villains as Cruella De Vil, Evil Queen, Maleficent and Ursula.
As a villain he was so feared that for decades no child in India was named, Pran
In a career that lasted into the 1990s, he became most famous for his roles as a villain in movies such as "Bari Behen" (Elder Sister), "Azd" (A Free Man), "Jis Desh Men Ganga Behti Hai" (A Country Where the Ganges River Flows)," ''Half Ticket," and "Johnny Mera Nm" (Johnny Is My Name).
Villain Pran is depicted on the "Ghatkopar" station sign.
He said: "We have been talking about heroes and villains and there was a villain out there who turned into a hero which was fantastic.
DAVID Haye wants his next fight to be with Daniel Craig - as a villain in a James Bond film.