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1 g Cts.met, 5 g monomer that VIM, MAm and AMPS in N,N-dimethylformamide and 0.05 g AIBN were added to the tube as initiator.
The most common carbapenemases among clinical Enterobacteriaceae are the Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemases (KPCs) (Amber class A), IMPs, VIMs, New Delhi metallo-[beta]-lactamase (NDMs) (class B or metallo-[beta]-lactamases), and oxacillin (OXA) 48-like (class D) enzymes (2).
Further study and a larger sample size will be required to determine if a female biased sex ratio in VIM could exist for this population.
aeruginosa (IMP, VIM, SPM, GIM, SIM, AIM, FIM, NDM), de las cuales, las VIM son las mas frecuentes (1).
Headquartered in the greater Dallas area, VIM Solutions is a privately owned sales company that works with emerging companies to increase their customer base and market share.
Three of them had an MBL, either VIM or IMP, and were ATM-susceptible but carbapenem-resistant.
Our analysis tells us that while that is how vendors are currently positioning VIM, there are potentially much more valuable ways of using the technology.
We argue that the jus ad bellum framework does not offer sufficient leverage for assessing the jus ad vim actions that have become the hallmarks of the Obama administration's approach to combating terrorism.
Vim is a text editor that holds many keys to making for a faster, more efficient developer, and PRACTICAL VIM packs in over a hundred Vim tips for learning the editor's core functionality and applying them to editing and writing tasks.
The variational iteration method (VIM) was first proposed by He [4, 5] and has been extensively applied due to its flexibility, convenience, and efficiency.
KPC and VIM producing Enterobacter cloacae strain from a hospital in northeastern Venezuela.