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Indeed, under the ruling, the fundamental, statutory right to file amended returns is sacrificed to vindicate a rigid accounting rule in circumstances where the result, by definition, will be to reflect income less clearly.
We do not wish this woman any ill will but we wanted to vindicate Michael and we have done.
After the inquest concluded, he said: "I think the verdict vindicates our actions that week.
This vindicates Raja's stand," top DMK sources said.
For these reasons, Tax Executives Institute urges your Administration to become involved in the Barclays case and to urge the Supreme Court to resolve the case in a manner that vindicates both the Federal Government's preeminent role in setting foreign economic policy and the Foreign Commerce Clause rights of all taxpayers.
The arbitrator ruling vindicates our action," said Mike Mazzoni, executive vice president and general manager, Barton Beers Ltd.
The decision by prosecutors to close the Rampart investigation once and for all vindicates those who suspected that the stories of misconduct that supposedly infected the department were embellished, at best.