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VINDICATION, civil law. The claim made to property by the owner of it. 1 Bell's Com. 281, 5th ed. See Revendication.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Now, the [V.sub.30] Value tool life test will be available to vindicate the metalcaster in disputes over "bad" machinability of cast iron.
"That will vindicate my decision to turn professional.
Indeed, under the ruling, the fundamental, statutory right to file amended returns is sacrificed to vindicate a rigid accounting rule in circumstances where the result, by definition, will be to reflect income less clearly.
But Hammers co-owner David Sullivan said they acted on medical advice, adding: "Any FIFA hearing will vindicate us." While Senegal team coach Alain Giresse fumed: "This sets a dangerous precedent."
Des James believes the document will vindicate the claims of families,and hopes it may spark a public inquiry.
Gary Alejano said 'the results of the recent poll vindicate our stand that the 1-year extension of martial law is not necessary.'
These figures vindicate the decisions we took in the teeth of Tory criticism.
"We do not wish this woman any ill will but we wanted to vindicate Michael and we have done."
In that strongly-worded statement the Wicklow Board, on behalf of themselves, the team management and the players, expresses confidence that any GAC investigation will vindicate them.
"My husband and coach, Erik de Bruin, reckons they are getting more frustrated by the minute because nothing has happened to mildly vindicate their bias.
"The decision analyses the lengthy written testimony filed by the Republic and the plaintiffs and inter alia, vindicates the Central Bank of Cyprus' action," it said.
After the inquest concluded, he said: "I think the verdict vindicates our actions that week." The jury found that officers were right to use shotgun Tasers, which were intended to incapacitate Moat, allowing officers to make an arrest.