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Raja's letter was followed by Singh's, who said he was happy that he stood vindicated, and extended new year wishes to him.
We are pleased he has been vindicated and the right decision has been made.
Asked if he felt vindicated, Green said: "I've always said that what went on, we did to get the club secure.
Andre Villas-Boas' recall of Frank Lampard was vindicated but the decision to substitute him backfired as Valencia claimed a draw in their Champions League clash at the Mestalla.
The ink was hardly dry on the decision before Scalia's warning was vindicated.
Their faith in the horse was vindicated in the best possible way.
Some Tories feel vindicated that the politics of the euro have come back to bite Blair and his clever chancellor.
But the question of whether or not the ways of God have been vindicated, Skulsky further concludes, is not the critics "to decide alone.
But some of those "heretical" views, spanning the first through the 20th centuries, now are part of mainstream Christian teaching -- once condemned by majority vote, vindicated through time and the Holy Spirit.
The court noted that the prisoner had vindicated a significant Eighth Amendment right and obtained a judgment that would arguably have a deterrent impact on others who might violate the same right.
He has been vindicated and the stance he has taken has been vindicated.