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'Every time she attacks me, she validates my work and vindicates my positions on important issues.
The main opposition party added: 'Moreover, the verdict also vindicates our stand that the Buhari administration's much-touted fight against corruption is only targeted at opposition members, who are subjected to media trials, while members of his All Progressives Congress (APC) and the cabal at his Presidency openly indicted are shielded from prosecution.'
Antonio Trillanes IV said the Palace's pronouncement that President Rodrigo Duterte will wait for a court-issued warrant "vindicates" their statement that the arrest order is illegal.
The post Arbitration ruling in Laiki case vindicates central bank appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Estephanie Dunn, Royal College of Nursing acting regional director, said: "The report vindicates what the RCN Northern Region has been saving for some time, namely that you can't make these level of cuts to budgets while at the same time as restructuring the NHS, without there being serious consequences down-stream.
After the inquest concluded, he said: "I think the verdict vindicates our actions that week." The jury found that officers were right to use shotgun Tasers, which were intended to incapacitate Moat, allowing officers to make an arrest.
This vindicates Raja's stand," top DMK sources said.
Norway's request to remove these anti-dumping measures was the key issue in the dispute and thus vindicates the EU's position," said Mandelson.
Cardozo of the New York City Law Department said, "The Court's decision protects the Department of Finance's ability to produce timely and accurate assessments of the City's commercial properties and vindicates its efforts to make this process more equitable and efficient.
"I think what has happened this year totally vindicates the decision that I made last year," Powell said.