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VINDICATION, civil law. The claim made to property by the owner of it. 1 Bell's Com. 281, 5th ed. See Revendication.

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That there is an emerging national consensus towards mass movement as the way forward, is a vindication of the rightfulness of what we have seen and been doing for a while with our own movement in Ogun state'.
There are some truly outstanding works of scholarship here, including two by Regina Janes: firstly, her 1978 piece on the reception of Vindication, which squarely places it in its historical context, explaining just why Vindication was so favorably received when it first appeared and why it has continued to influence feminist discourse; and secondly, her brilliant comparison of Wollstonecraft and Mary Astell [1666-1731], who anticipated so many of Wollstonecraft's ideas on female education.
aThe discovery is a vindication to many Roma after the high-profile case provoked prejudiced allegations of child-snatching,a said the article.
ISLAMABAD -- Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan said the All Parties Conference (APC) resolution was, in many ways, a vindication of PTI's position demanding "give peace a chance.
It is a vindication of bringing players to the club, it is a vindication of Scottish football and it is great for the kid.
Former Forest midfielder O'Neill, now manager at Sunderland, who host the Reds in the Premier League on Saturday evening in what is certain to be an emotionally-charged game, said: "It's been going on for so, so long, but it is total vindication for those Liverpool people who felt this was worthy, to fight this all the way.
The England captain insisted last night there was no particular sense of vindication in "getting a monkey off his back" and silencing those who have increasingly questioned his Test future.
The England captain insists there was no particular sense of vindication in "getting a monkey" off his back and silencing those who have increasingly questioned his Test future.
Sheila Rowbotham presents A vindication of the rights of woman.
6) The study also examines how the departments differ in their dissent rates, and identifies patterns that emerge regarding dissent vindication and the tendencies of individual judges.
A striking son of Seattle Slew, who was prevented from adding to his Breeders' Cup Juvenile success by injury, Vindication was one of the most hyped stallions of his generation, retiring to Hill 'n' Dale Farm in Kentucky in 2004 at a fee of $50,000.
New Delhi, May 17 (ANI): The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) on Sunday said that the United Progressive Alliance's (UPA) victory in 2009 general elections was a vindication of the policies adopted by the coalition.