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Justice Kehoe had the second most vindications in criminal cases with three vindications.
50) Meanwhile, Justice Green's two vindications were based on prodefendant rationales which both dealt with jury issues; one rationale grounded in juror bias, (51) and the other grounded in the charges read to the jury.
Notably, 2000 and 2001 have been the only two years where no civil vindications were handed down; since then, there has been at least one civil vindication handed down by the Court of Appeals.
Once again, the Fourth Department vindications were most often granted when finding in favor of the defendant: fourteen of the twenty-one civil vindications were pro-defendant rationales.
Justice Hurlbutt had the greatest overall number of vindications in civil matters, with six vindications.
Scudder's vindications do not abide by any set, specific behavior.
Three of Justice Lawton's vindications were based on pro-defendant rationales.
Former Presiding Justice Pigott had three of his four vindications in civil matters.
Only four of the civil vindications contained a solo dissenter.
Written before the Vindication of the Rights of Woman, the reviews express the same concerns found in the Vindication that novels are an important socializing force and that bad novels--i.
The middle stage, corresponding to Wollstonecraft's years in London, includes a feminism based on collective rather than on strictly personal experience in A Vindication of the Rights of Men and the uniting of the private and public--especially as it relates to the home and the state--in A Vindication of the Rights of Woman.
While acknowledging that the Vindication of the Rights of Woman is likely to remain Wollstonecraft's most famous work, Lorch considers The Wrongs of Woman, or Maria, "the most sophisticated presentation of [Mary Wollstonecraft's] feminist thought" (2).