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But, whatever the rights and wrongs of Taylor's conviction at the ICC in The Hague may be, to punish his family by not granting them a visa to visit the man in his UK jail smacks of vindictiveness and is completely contrary to natural justice.
And it is Lee Kuan Yew who emerged from the episode as the knave and fools of his own mindless vindictiveness, while the real conqueror smiles benignly - unnoted, of course, by the local media.
He noted that politics of vindictiveness should not be tolerated as this has killed the country in terms of development.
Legal vindictiveness does not refer to a prosecutor's generic
I won't name them because of the vindictiveness that tends to reside in many parts of the civil service if the bureaucrats are crossed.
As another critic, Theodore Solataroff, has said: "He deals with his situations and characters in the right rare way, without piety or apology or vindictiveness and by combining a first-rate eye for surfaces with a sense of depth.
This action displays the vindictiveness, pettiness, true colors and radicalism of our president.
Veep amplifies that attitude with characters who range from mean to pathetic and who display comically large capacities for vanity, pettiness, and vindictiveness.
in deference to the Allies' vindictiveness, Mauser dropped 'Waffenfabrik' and changed the wording .
We join MP Michel Aoun in solidarity against any vindictiveness, and we hope that this atmosphere would prevail during deliberations to form a new government as soon as possible," said Salam.
Well, your shortsightedness, domestic political considerations and vindictiveness have not only plunged the people of this small island into years of recession and hardship, but taken another step to destroying that great "ideal" of a prosperous, united Europe, at peace, without borders and with a single currency.
Spending millions of pounds on extra bureaucracy in order to means test a relatively small number of wealthy pensioners (who wouldn't choose to travel on a bus anyhow) and putting fear into many not-so-wealthy pensioners, seems the height of vindictiveness.