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But the acceptance of violability opens a further welcome perspective, too.
Jackson's first published novel, The Road through the Wall (1948), explores the violability of home spaces in a fictional California community.
Thus Diana York Blaine argues that The Crying of Lot 49 shows the failure of meta-narratives and the 'materiality and violability of the body' (p.
The difficulties outlined here exceed, if not differently describe, the unspeakable dimensions of violation Elaine Scarry ascribes to pain; (8) what is being mapped here is a political unconscious read within the framing of injury in such a way that what becomes readily apparent is the additive vulnerability and violability of the black body.
A woman's presence permeates every occasion, conflating woman with nature and violability.
In each case, the violability or inviolability of private property, the meaning and application of justice, and the morality of adhering to strict standards of individual liberty are at issue as much as questions of economic efficiency are.
46) It was a sentiment appropriate for the times, as many Venetians were concerned about the apparent violability of both Venice's empire and its greatest symbol, the Arsenal.
In her explanatory note, Macapagal-Arroyo said the violability of the Philippine economy due to numerous uncontrollable factors, one of which is the global economic slowdown, has caused prices of prime commodities to 'scale to prohibitive heights,' making it more power difficult for the average Filipino household to put a decent meal on their table.
Although images of gendered violence, war, and natural devastation prompt "crises of witnessing," (20) they do so within a model of affective engagement that displaces girls into an imaginary realm of undifferentiated violability and victimization.