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When, by virtue of socially legitimized constructs, alienable property becomes violable, there is no logical limit to a socially chosen divestment of the individual of his property in himself, i.
53) Whether inflicted by banditry or craniology, lynch mob or militia, in gold-rush California social as well as corporeal wounds draw the public together to share in the spectacle of its own violation: the relentless, and relentlessly spectacular, division of the social whole into always violable, routinely violated parts.
This image of the passive and violable male body occurs again when Wollstonecraft explicitly calls attention to the specifically political implications of emphasizing sensibility at the expense of consistently rational behavior.
Candidates are compared (and selected) with respect to a set of ordered, violable constraints.
a) Violability: Constraints are violable, but violation is minimal.
Although rights are sometimes considered weaker and more easily violable than this Part describes, the view of rights this Note takes only makes the Note's argument more difficult because it establishes a high bar for infringing traditionally protected free speech.
In responding to the rapidly spreading baby show, mid-nineteenth century Americans focused their attention on Barnum's business tactics, swindling showmen, and greedy mothers, because each hinted that the line separating public and private, home and market, was not only violable, but was in fact fictional.
By permitting a violable population dispersed within a population, the South African government has generated the conditions for what was witnessed in May 2008.
Eliot's praise of Henry James as having a mind so fine that no idea could violate it: "Of Mailer we can say that his novelist's mind is peculiarly violable by idea, even by ideology.
If matter once the exclusive preserve of pornography could be breached, then the reader's calm and sense of unthreatened distance were violable.
Although white women were sometimes raped by soldiers, Native women were much more likely to be viewed as sexually violable by white men in early America.
What's more, the perpetuation of these fictions suggests that our culture has become so ingrained with ideas concerning male rape that we have established and accepted a system of rhetorical formulation for the violable male body.