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Your firm is not obligated to take any action which, in your judgment, would violate the FCPA.
IN 2001 AUDITOR INDEPENDENCE RULES gave CPAs more freedom to buy and sell securities, increasing the risk that firms may violate laws against insider trading.
Because our conclusion on this statutory issue is sufficient to resolve the matter, we have no occasion to address defendant's further claim that enforcement of the Act to require it to accept plaintiff's application would violate its constitutional right of association under the First and Fourteenth Amendments.
Convictions under this willfulness standard bear out the wisdom of requiring a defendant's demonstrated intent to violate a known legal duty, thereby protecting citizens from prosecution for innocent mistakes and focusing the full force and effect of the law on true tax frauds.
This step opens the supposedly independent Department of Justice to political micromanagement and violates the separation of powers between Congress and the executive branch.
This type of poison pill arguably does not violate the IRS's rulings on other property in B-type reorganizations for three reasons.
The Utah Supreme Court has ruled that the state's law banning polygamy does not violate a practicing polygamist's First Amendment religious liberty.
United States (5) that the use of informants to capture the contents of conversations with the subjects of investigations does not violate those subjects' Fourth Amendment rights.
The ruling concluded that the first two taxpayers did not violate the LIFO conformity requirements in their statements to the credit subsidiary, because they had used LIFO in inventorying goods to determine their net income for the monthly and year-to-date amounts for the December income statements.
The Supreme Court held that a police officer's refusal to allow residents to enter their homes without a police officer until a search warrant was obtained was a reasonable seizure that did not violate the Fourth Amendment.