violate rules

See: mismanage
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He said that PTI has accepted all rules and regulation of Election Commission of Pakistan and would never violate rules and Code of Conduct of ECP.
Sharjah -- Drivers who violate rules on the hard shoulder will be fined Dh600 and will be issued six black points.
He said that no one would be allowed to violate rules.
Fines will also be slapped on businesses that violate rules on umbrellas and shading.
The group behind an effort to sever the link between the state's gas tax and inflation yesterday turned the spotlight on an email sent by Cyndi Roy Gonzalez, the assistant secretary for communications at MassDOT, which appears to violate rules barring the use of state resources to lobby for or against candidates or ballot questions.
They note that the economic concentration would violate rules of free enterprise and is unfair competition in the sector.
Stressing Bahrain's keenness to provide all facilities for visitors, businessmen and investors, the minister said some people exploit streamlined measures and obtain visas at entry points, only to violate rules and regulations.
Israel has every right to defend itself against these groups who flagrantly violate rules which are intended to protect their citizens.
SALEM - House Speaker Jeff Merkley ruled Wednesday that an outside group's automated phone calls to a Eugene lawmaker's constituents did not violate rules against in-session campaign contri- butions.
They also argued that a 1948 locker building that is expected to be razed would violate rules for properties listed in the California Register of Historical Resources.
Council president Peter Cressy has said the proposed regulation would violate rules of the World Trade Organization and commitments made by Mexico when it joined the United States and Canada in the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1994.
But Competition Commissioner Mario Monti said it wanted to avoid a major capital injection without first reviewing plans, to be sure they do not violate rules barring state aid that may distort competition.