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There were 296 violators in Caloocan, with 78 caught drinking in public; 76 violating the smoking ban; 91 were found half-naked in public; and 36 minors violated the curfew.
Abdul Rahim Ziaratwal, the party's parliamentary leader, had said the MPA had not only damaged its trust in him, but also violated Article 163 (A) of the Constitution.
However, India violated this condition almost as soon as it was signed and its army crossed the LoC setting up 6-8 posts on Pakistan's side of the line.
In a press statement, the Army Command said two Israeli warplanes violated Lebanese airspace, entering over the town of Kfar Kila, and flew over all Lebanese regions, then left from above Alma Shb.
BEIRUT: Two Israeli warplanes and a reconnaissance jet violated Lebanese airspace Wednesday, the Lebanese Army said, in the latest Israeli flights over south Lebanon.
The Administration violated the law, failing to bring detainees before a judge for weeks and months."
That is to say, the lower court found that the facts indicated that Officer Brosseau's use of force might have violated Haugen's constitutional rights.
(2) We know however that T-invariance is violated, since the parameter [epsilon] in [K.sub.L] [right arrow] 2[pi] decays is dominated by a CPT-invariant interaction.
After RLUIPA was passed in 2000, Goldberger and the Clinical Programs students amended their Ohio prisoner's complaint to include a claim that prison officials had violated the new federal statute.
Inmates sued state prison officials, claiming that their policy of opening and inspecting their legal mail looking for contraband, especially anthrax, outside of their presence violated their First Amendment rights.
* Do you believe the Tennessee law violated the First Amendment bar against "establishment of religion"?
Last October a federal jury found that Legg Mason Inc., a financial services firm, had willfully violated the copyrights of Lowry (NL/NL 10/16/03).