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He, therefore, urged Africans not to be fobbed off by naughty suggestions by people who say that Africans who propose alternative conceptions of human rights are driven by the sinister motive to shield abusers and violaters of human rights such as Idi Amin and Emperor Bokassa.
The unwritten [l]aw of [n]ature, though it be easy to such, as without partiality, and passion, make use of their naturall reason, and therefore leaves the violaters thereof without excuse; yet considering there be very few, perhaps none, that in some cases are not blinded by self love, or some other passion, it is now become of all [l]aws the most obscure; and has consequently the greatest need of able [i]nterpreters.
Around the building site of the new academy in Newsham Park a local resident had written, blood red, and in huge letters: ``PARK VIOLATERS WHERE NEXT?
But] [t]hat doesn't mean we shouldn't identify them" as violaters of religious freedom.
He contended that he had examined thousands of youthful felons and 75 of 100 were merely "injudicious and uncomprehending violaters.
Franklin Waters, on July 2, overturned the $22 million sale of the Nortwest Arkansas Times in Fayetteville on the grounds that it violaters terms of the Clayton Act barring transactions that lessen competition.
He directed the officials concerned to ensure the implementation of wheat procurement policy of the government and warned that strict action would be taken against the violaters.
He warned that corruption and role of middlemen would not be tolerated and violaters will face strict action.
The police was also trying to pool funds to install cameras on every traffic signal in the city to catch the traffic violaters.
It indicated that the customs members acted in accordance with a notice from the general prosecution that called for catching hold of violaters and referring them to the judicial authority.