violation of the law

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And such a line, we were confident, Big Alec intended setting, in open and flagrant violation of the law.
Such an act was in direct violation of the laws of the land.
She was obliged to recollect that her seeing the letter was a violation of the laws of honour, that no one ought to be judged or to be known by such testimonies, that no private correspondence could bear the eye of others, before she could recover calmness enough to return the letter which she had been meditating over, and say--
Some residents of Qasiambad taluka have approached SHC, pleading it to order shifting of the wine shops operating in violation of the law in the locality.
Therefore, we categorically deny involvement in any violation of the law or fraudulent practices.
17, 2013 corruption investigation, in violation of the law that prohibits making any changes to buildings with historic monument status, a daily reported on Tuesday.
Keyrouz added that article eight of the Constitution states that personal freedom is protected by the law and that the army's Directorate of Intelligence acted in violation of the law and of human rights.
Authorities seized the passports of Najati, his wife and three children, which had been acquired "in violation of the law on nationality," local media cited Sheikh Rashid bin Khalifa al-Khalifa, the head of immigration services for the country's interior ministry, as saying.
Exposing operations to such great risks in this way is a violation of the law.
The big item in interior enforcement is employer sanctions, cracking down on employers who knowingly hire the illegal aliens in violation of the law.
Neighborhood Housing Services, the court noted that, in order to recover under the Scaffold Law, there must be some evidence that a violation of the law by the contractor or owner was the proximate cause of the accident, as opposed to Cahill's sole negligence.
Violation of the Law for the Preservation of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora carries a maximum penalty of one year in prison or a 1 million yen fine.