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The violators of the competition law in Saudi Arabia will face a fine of up to SR 10 million ($2.
50 if it is unpaid for 202 days, over which time the toll violator would receive at least two bills and a violation notice.
Per the arrangement, O Positive will take over the lease for the building's entire 11th floor from Violator, a roughly 5,000 s/f space that was being offered for rents in the $40s per square foot.
In Pennsylvania, parole violator admissions have increased by 55 percent during the past six years.
In Texas, where inspections and enforcement have dropped considerably in the past five years, regulators took an average of 651 days to complete enforcement actions for the ten significant violator cases reviewed by the EPA's Inspector General last year.
He was also signed to Violator records for a brief stint from 1999-2002.
The assessment helps the New Jersey State Parole Board make better-informed decisions as to whether the technical violator should continue on parole with intensified supervision and programming, or whether the individual should return to prison.
a violator includes any individual who a police officer reasonably believes has committed an offense or poses an immediate threat to the safety of the public or other officers;
Failure to comply with the regulations is also a violation of section 409 of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), which subjects a violator to civil penalties of up to $10,000 for each violation.
Angola was the second worst violator in volume terms, pumping 244,000 barrels a day over quota.
Dress Code Violator(TM) appears to be the first to exploit a loophole in the dress code of many schools and allows people to express themselves in a dress code violator fashion.
Therefore, the department established enforcement guidelines and procedures for its officers to follow that included a variety of options-such as telling the violator to proceed directly home, transporting the juvenile home, or arresting and detaining the youngster.