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The spokesman warned the citizens not to violate the rules else strict action would be taken against the violators.
Talking to reporter he informed that police on the special directive of City Police Officer (CPO) Israr Ahmed Khan would continue raids to book the rules violators and no one would be allowed to violate the kite flying ban.
strict action is being taken against the ban violators.
Saturday's statement from Sewa did not specify the grace period for violators.
Currently, ITP has established as many as thirty barricades on different avenues of Federal Capital and they were taking action against traffic law violators especially those who using pressure horns.
Most of the violators were bus drivers who illegally picked up and unloaded passengers on Edsa.
It is a big challenge for traffic enforcers to go after violators who speed off when being flagged down.
Colonel Ibrahim Al Ajil, director of the criminal investigation department, said the campaign covered all areas in Sharjah, focussing on markets, commercial areas, residential neighbourhoods, mosques, commercial centres, public facilities and all other locations that are usually frequented by beggars and other similar violators.
Muscat: Over 200 labour law violators were arrested last week, according to the weekly index issued by the Ministry of Manpower.
The ministries of interior and of labor had start of last week started a campaign which is the biggest in the history of Saudi Arabia against residency and labor regulations violators after expiry of a grace period ordered by King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz to allow for remedy of such individuals' status.
With $27 million in unpaid tolls, the Texas Department of Transportation has taken advantage of new state legislation that allows it to publicly release the names of toll violators, posting the names of the top 25 toll scofflaws on its website Thursday morning.
Border guards of Aydarken border patrol saw violators of Kyrgyz-Uzbek state border - three citizen of Uzbekistan in Zhiyde-Arik area of Kadamjay Batken region on September 21, 2013.