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China has strict regulations regarding trademark protection and with agency assistance, violators can be removed from the online market on an ongoing basis," says Cooke.
Likewise unnecessary lights, horn and music would not be allowed and action would be taken against the violators.
He directed the owners of food outlets to immediately improve the sanitary conditions of their kitchens failing which stern action would be taken against the violators on next visit.
The Ajman Police had arrested 4,071 violators of the residency law in the first seven months of this year, compared to 3,560 violators nabbed in corresponding period last year.
Repeated violators of the law would face a double fine, said the Arab News report.
Suleiman Al-Yahya said that the Directorate General of Passports is doing its best to expedite the travel procedures for the violators.
The ministries of interior and of labor had start of last week started a campaign which is the biggest in the history of Saudi Arabia against residency and labor regulations violators after expiry of a grace period ordered by King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz to allow for remedy of such individuals' status.
An official from Royal Police of Oman (ROP) added that the Police Command of Dhofar Governorate and Police Command of South Al Batinah governorate in collaboration with Ministry of Manpower raided numbers of housing after receiving information about the violators and arrested 101 workers from Salalah and 39 from Saham and Soharin Wilayat of Sohar and Saham.
With $27 million in unpaid tolls, the Texas Department of Transportation has taken advantage of new state legislation that allows it to publicly release the names of toll violators, posting the names of the top 25 toll scofflaws on its website Thursday morning.
Border guards of Aydarken border patrol saw violators of Kyrgyz-Uzbek state border - three citizen of Uzbekistan in Zhiyde-Arik area of Kadamjay Batken region on September 21, 2013.
Abu Dhabi: Some 3,371 visa violators were caught in the UAE, including 21 beggars, during Ramadan, the Abu Dhabi Police announced.
The butchers were warned that strict action in accordance with the law would be taken against the violators of the orders and unhealthy and unhygienic meat would be discarded.