violent anger

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The old Squire was an implacable man: he made resolutions in violent anger, and he was not to be moved from them after his anger had subsided-- as fiery volcanic matters cool and harden into rock.
Lizabetha Prokofievna restrained her violent anger by a great effort; perhaps she bitterly regretted her interference in the matter; for the present she kept silence.
And so surely the best response to these murderers isn't to react with violent anger but to show how we too will never stop celebrating and fighting for those incredible values.
The death from a police bullet of the unarmed young black American Michael Brown, and the protests, violent anger and acts of looting that followed, were in fact a warning, not just for the US, but for the entire world.
A prosecutor argued that the killings sprang from swift and violent anger over James Gillette's plan to evict his son and his son's girlfriend from a trailer on the father's expansive property south of Eugene.
According to the reports published today Venables is leading a drug-fuelled life punctuated by fits of violent anger.
Mr Waterman said yesterday that the killing was "a result of his violent anger at discovering Karen Leonard's betrayal of him, as he saw it".
Violent anger Fury Intense anger expressed by shouting, swearing and belittling language Storming out of control beyond reason Physical or verbal violence that harms the recipient Extreme verbal aggression that makes the recipient feel personally attacked or abused Behaviour that leaves the recipient outraged.
Young Kashif Khan is particularly outstanding as Nadeem, Arif's younger brother, whose occasional dry humour cut through his brooding and violent anger.
A new biography on Sir Anthony Hopkins paints him as an unsettling man who is haunted by alcoholism, broken relationships, violent anger and self-confessed paranoia.
And Johannes, a psychiatrist, one night strangled his wife in a moment of insanity caused by intoxication and violent anger at her cheerful announcement of having another sexual partner.
First, recognize that cycles of violent anger are built on perceived threat to survival and direct experiences of exclusion over time.

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