violent behavior

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A research study proves that children matched with a Big Brother or Big Sister are less likely to use drugs and alcohol, skip school and exhibit violent behavior.
Researchers for the National Institute of Mental Health say there is overwhelming evidence that violent entertainment causes violent behavior.
In both animal and human studies, naturally elevated testosterone levels appear more closely linked to assertiveness than to assaultive or violent behavior, he argues.
Children with Big Brothers and Big Sisters are less likely to use drugs and alcohol, skip school, and exhibit violent behavior.
Previous studies have shown that heavy TV viewing might be linked to depression, anxiety and violent behavior, as well as obesity.
The most common psychiatric symptoms were depression, violent behavior and organic brain syndrome.
The show identifies warning signs of potentially violent behavior among teens, focusing on several real-life stories of young people who committed violent acts.
Nonetheless, he and others hypothesize that a deficiency in serotonin metabolism may cause an inability to control impulses, leading to violent behavior.
Violent entertainment does not trigger violent behavior in all kids.
On the campus of Burbank High School, school resource officers are on the lookout for any kind of confrontational or violent behavior, diffusing squabbles so they they don't become skirmishes.
However, abusers were much more likely than relatives in the comparison group to have been arrested, hospitalized for a psychiatric disorder, involved in violent behavior outside the family or limited by a physical problem.
Choices and Consequences is a multifaceted, multiyear initiative that educates young adolescents about the real consequences of violent behavior and about the importance of making healthy choices in their everyday lives.

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