violent change

See: revolution
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But even a small change in the disposition of the weight will produce violent changes in the behaviour of a coracle.
In November 2017, the Prosecutor General's Office launched probe against Omurbek Babanov and other persons on suspicion of calling mass for violent change of the constitutional order and inciting national, racial or religious hatred.
Only some radical socialists and communists further to the left believed in violent change to reach their political goals.
The PCP, which is a splinter party of the ruling party since 1999, believe that patience and long-term policy can produce positive reforms and better than joining armed groups to seeking violent change in the fragile country.
The Philippines is seen at a 'low' risk of facing leadership upheaval, junking market-friendly policies and succumbing to violent change and major conflict despite escalating political noise around the new CEO of the land, Rodrigo Duterte.
This crisis has to end after two years that had nothing to do with fighting for democracy and freedom of media, but with fear, frustrations and destruction, with an attack on the identity and with an attempt at a violent change of power by the opposition through espionage and threats.
Cunningham lost control of the vehicle owing to the speed it was travelling at and the violent change in direction.
Three residents of Isfara district of Sughd region in Tajikistan were sentenced to three years in prison, each of them were prosecuted for an attempt to violent change of the constitutional order.
Steeped in the brutal reality of a historical period on the brink of violent change, Nessie and Anna live according to the rules of discrimination.
They said IGAD opposes a violent change of government in the world's newest country and urges Mr Kiir and his rivals to start peace talks before the end of this year.
Johannesburg, Sept 7 ( ANI ): The president of the Maldives has assured that the country is ready for a 'free and fair' election, 18 months after a violent change of leadership sent shock waves through the Indian Ocean island.
The Indian Ocean archipelago of the Maldives goes to the polls this weekend for a presidential election that will test its young democracy 18 months after a violent change in leadership.

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