violent change

See: revolution
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But even a small change in the disposition of the weight will produce violent changes in the behaviour of a coracle.
Three residents of Isfara district of Sughd region in Tajikistan were sentenced to three years in prison, each of them were prosecuted for an attempt to violent change of the constitutional order.
They said IGAD opposes a violent change of government in the world's newest country and urges Mr Kiir and his rivals to start peace talks before the end of this year.
He pointed out that the general trend in Sudan is to walk towards reform rather than carry out violent change and acknowledged that the opposition has weakened because of government restrictions and harassment.
Johannesburg, Sept 7 ( ANI ): The president of the Maldives has assured that the country is ready for a 'free and fair' election, 18 months after a violent change of leadership sent shock waves through the Indian Ocean island.
The Indian Ocean archipelago of the Maldives goes to the polls this weekend for a presidential election that will test its young democracy 18 months after a violent change in leadership.
The way in which the petition was handled by the authorities is an important illustration of how free speech has been respected in the UAE and has nothing to do with the trial of the 94, in which 69 were found guilty of serious crimes, including seeking to topple the government, as well as maintaining close links with a variety of foreign institutions dedicated to espousing violent change in the UAE.
Speaking to KUNA, Makri, who was elected chairman of the MSP on Saturday, said violent change would not be in the interest of Algeria, but vowed that he and his movement would strongly press for change in the country.
In scholarly but clear language, Lindsay takes readers through the ways the funerary arts shaped and reflected the hopes and realities of French people in an era of violent change, both before and after the Revolution.
Noman indicated that dialogue is the best way to avoid violent change.
If the parliament doesn't take this matter seriously, then the impacting ideological forces of Afghanistan and Iranian revolutions and the Islamic surge within Pakistan, would gain overpowering influence over the masses, and cause violent change.
Summary: DUBAI - Majid Al Futtaim Group, the shopping-mall developer that built Dubai's indoor ski slope, said the violent change of government in Egypt won't stop the company from proceeding with its expansion plans.

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