violent disagreement

See: dissension
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AQUARIUS Jan 21-Feb 19 AFTER an unusually violent disagreement over takeaway food tonight, you'll be amused to find that pizza can get to your house faster than the police.
Over the past 50 years, there have been only 37 violent disputes caused by violent disagreement over water resources, while 150 related treaties were signed during the same period.
They were, to put it mildly, in violent disagreement with my observation and with each other; there were flashes, luminous glows, and dark expanding spots dotted over a huge area of the Moon!
Jake Whelan, 24, was involved in a "violent disagreement about drugs" with 29-year-old Lynford Brewster on June 12 last year.
I would have expected some mention of Margaret Doody's book The True Stoiy of the Novel in the course of this latter argument, even if in the service of violent disagreement. Doody begins in the same place--with ancient Greek prose--but traces a very different classical lineage for the novel, through romance rather than epic.
The profoundly violent disagreement that resulted in the destruction of the TV set took place between Shaker al-Jawhary, head of the Electronic Media Association in Jordan, and Mohammad Sharif al-Jaiousy, the editor in chief of news website al-Mustaqbal al-Arabi.
11 Commission concluded the mastermind of the attacks, Khaled Shaykh Muhammad, was motivated by "his violent disagreement with U.S.
Racegoers saw nothing untoward during the race that would have sparked a violent disagreement between the pair, who were both aboard outsiders, and there was no prize-money attached to fourth spot.
Each of these cases has generated controversy, tension, even violent disagreement.
We need to view these as threats to our ability to accomplish our missions in the same way we view a weapon in the hands of someone in violent disagreement to our way of thinking.
Hmmm, I'd say so, but this must have roused near violent disagreement in households across the country.
To make the editor's task of reconstruction more difficult, it is not perfectly clear what the Suspiria would have consisted of at any one point, as De Quincey changed his mind about the ordering of his material and about what essays should be included.(1) Grevel Lindop's recent biography of De Quincey points out that from its beginning the Suspiria had been an issue of violent disagreement with his editors and also describes the humiliating relationship De Quincey had with Blackwood's, who showed little regard for his work.(2) De Quincey stopped writing for Blackwood's in 1845 but no formal record of why he stopped exists.

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