violent separation

See: avulsion
References in classic literature ?
All that he had ever heard of the violent separation of the vast tribes of the Delawares rushed across his mind, and he awaited the proper moment to speak, with a suspense that was rendered nearly intolerable by his interest in the stake.
As if the violent separation in 1947 wasn't enough, their feud and endless bickering over Kashmir has further poisoned the Indo-Pak relationship, condemning the neighbours to a perpetual inferno of war.
AKEL Spokesman Andros Kyprianou said yesterday Cyprus faced the exacerbation of a series of environmental problems resulting from the violent separation of the Cypriot ecosystem following the invasion of 1974, but also the years of lawless development and the lack of government policy.
Yet this facile distinction has only been made possible since the end of the nineteenth century when the new Western-style "progressive" Japanese government ordered an unnatural and violent separation of Shinto from Buddhism.