violent upheaval

See: cataclysm
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Simultaneously the tangle underwent a violent upheaval.
The ongoing blockades and military face-offs could, at some point, lead to violent upheaval in the southern Caucasus, with very negative effects for Turkey.
The orange pylon has come to symbolize the growing sense of hopelessness many Thais feel over the sometimes violent upheaval that has left the country in political disarray with bleak prospects for a resolution anytime soon.
While there is sufficient rhetoric and sabre rattling between the various factions to make your eyes water, there is precious little going on between them to negotiate a united resolution that might save them and their six million Libyan countrymen from further violent upheaval.
He called on Brazil's elite to use "constructive dialogue" to mediate between maintaining the status quo and fending off violent upheaval.
Egypt's military, which overthrew elected leader President Mohamed Mursi on Wednesday, can ill afford a lengthy political vacuum at a time of violent upheaval and economic stagnation in the Arab world's largest nation of 84 million people.
When confronted with the Middle East high-stakes political game resulting from the violent upheaval in the last two years or so, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, hesitant at first, adopted a political style that was consistent with NATO's, of which Turkey is a member.
Wind back the clock to the violent upheaval which was later known as the Scottish Wars of Independence.
In 1969, during the violent upheaval of the Cultural Revolution, elites of the Communist society were attacked, in which Xi's father, a vice premier, was denounced and imprisoned.
In this, Maturin's literary works, though now so often overlooked, provide a revealing insight into the ongoing negotiation of private and public, male and female, national and international identities in a period fraught by revolution and violent upheaval.
Lost in all the victory parades, self-congratulations and dispensing of valour medals is the fact that NATO was never mandated to effect regime change in Libya and that, despite the removal of Gadhafi, the Libyan people remain entrenched in a state of violent upheaval.
The authors show Guevara traveling through countries that were reaping the results of major social, political, and economic changes unleashed since the 1930s and that prelude the violent upheaval that afflicted the region in the 1960s and 1970s.