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Chevrolet has introduced its own Viper-Fighter with the '06 Corvette Z06, which has the Viper bested in the power race by 5 horsepower, while the 'Vette wins big in the weight category, coming in 320 lbs.
The Viper 200 will have a serial connection that will provide support for remote diagnostics.
"Diamond Multimedia's Viper V550 sets a new standard for the mainstream PC by delivering revolutionary 2D and 3D performance on a single board," said Scott Vouri, vice president and general manager of core graphics at Diamond Multimedia.
Chrysler produces about 15 Viper models daily at its New Mack facility in Detroit.
To learn more about the 3N2 VIPER, please visit the 3N2 website at
The engine is to be produced and assembled in Plymouth, Michigan by Viper and will be co-branded with the Ilmor name.
"We said we'd bite the bullet and develop the RTM technology to make Viper a feasible concept for low-volume auto production.
One minute and 35 seconds later the puck was again planted in the back of the Vipers' goal, netminder Charlie Effinger allowing Rob Globke's shot to creep beneath his pads and over the line.
Viper Subsea has developed and sells a range of products with innovative capabilities for Insulation Monitoring (IM) of cabling and power infrastructure in harsh environments.
The company, now FCA US LLC, has used the tagline "Imported from Detroit." The Viper is one of the few cars that has legitimate, deep Detroit roots, as Mack and Conner are both in the Motor City.
The automaker temporarily stopped Viper production last April and laid off 91 employees because dealers in the United States and in Canada had a total of 756 unsold Vipers in their inventory.
Exploring the big idea behind the initiative, VIPER Technology Pvt.