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David likens the plotters to this viperous offspring:
I NOTE that the viperous serpent Ms Jaci Stephen has been unleashed on the public yet again.
Turned down by Mary Easterby, John's antipathy toward his brother Richard, who he thinks takes precedence in Mary's emotions, turns into "malignity and viperous hate.
She is acted off the screen by her veteran co-stars,especially Smith, who plays her role to the viperous comic hilt.
Here, Edgar has provided a taut treatise, enlivened by a viperous cadre surrounding Republican gubernatorial candidate Sheldon Vine (convincingly portrayed by former Eugene actor Bill Geisslinger).
There is one instance where the original spelling occurs in English, that of DESSEMBLINGE, in a 1621 quote under both crocodile and viperous in the OED.
After slagging off Sophie, who will be the next victim of her viperous tongue?
Outside the entire island had become sinister, viperous, paralyzing.