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VIRGA. An obsolete word, which signifies a rod or staff, such as sheriffs, bailiffs, and constables carry, as a badge or ensign of their office.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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But I have seen round plumes of dust exploding upward from the ground, roiling away from virga. They are impressive enough at a distance that I never want to encounter them directly.
"We are still a young brand, only here today because of Karl's faith in me," Virga tells us.
RIYADH: "It actually began as a joke," said Ludovica Virga, founder and designer of the Italian brand House of Mua Mua, explaining the origin of Mua Mua Dolls.
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Sulea, van Beek, Sarbescu, Virga, and Schaufelin (2015) stated that women are more invested in house hold responsibilities than men even they are students.
Sergeant Michael Virga told how he was cruising at just after 3am on a road in Hamilton township in South Jersey when something caught his eye.
Some of its investments include KeystoneB2B LLC, Archwell Solutions LLC, Inspire Closing Services LLC, Matic Insurance, and Cloud Virga among others.
On the other hand, the anemia induced by chronic kidney failure is expected to trigger RLS (Bhowmik et al., 2003; Collado-Seidel et al., 1998; Gigli et al., 2004; Kavanagh et al., 2004; Usberti et al., 2002; Virga et al., 1998).
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Many metals are essential for the growth of all organisms in low concentrations and may damage biological systems in high concentrations (Virga et al.
The initial musical revival began in 1857, with the first modern performance of Hildegard's song "O virga ac diadema" ("O branch and diadem").