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The Virgin crowding all sail, made after her four young keels, and thus they all disappeared far to leeward, still in bold, hopeful chase.
It is said to be the task of the American "to work the virgin soil," and that "agriculture here already assumes proportions unknown everywhere else.
It seemed glorious sport to be feasting in that wild, free way in the virgin forest of an unex- plored and uninhabited island, far from the haunts of men, and they said they never would return to civiliza- tion.
I lived long ago with mama; but she is gone to the Holy Virgin.
She held out her hand -- the soft, white, virgin hand that had touched nothing to soil it or harden it yet.
Micawber, 'it is my intention to register such a vow on the virgin page of the future.
Bending forward, he could just discern the marks made by the little feet on the virgin snow, and he followed their track to the furze bushes.
Thou therefore whom thou only canst redeeme, Thir Nature also to thy Nature joyne; And be thy self Man among men on Earth, Made flesh, when time shall be, of Virgin seed, By wondrous birth: Be thou in ADAMS room The Head of all mankind, though ADAMS Son.
It is said he banished his only son from his family for lifting his eyes in the way of affection towards this beauty, who may be worshipped, it seems, at a distance, but is not to be approached with other thoughts than such as we bring to the shrine of the Blessed Virgin.
There was only one other single man and one other virgin down at Brandon Beeches, and they are as good as engaged.
The orphreys were divided into panels representing scenes from the life of the Virgin, and the coronation of the Virgin was figured in coloured silks upon the hood.
Every month they commemorate the assumption of the Virgin Mary, and are of opinion that no Christians beside themselves have a true sense of the greatness of the mother of God, or pay her the honours that are due to her.