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INEC is one of our institutions that we need for a very virile democracy.
She said at the time: "I had him when he was young, virile and handsome.
And sadly, there is no shortage of individuals who are all too willing to believe, buy and use these products in the hope that they will live longer, be healthier, be more virile, or can turn back the biological clock.
They attempted, in sum, "to map the conditions for normative conceptions of the male body, of heterosexual virile masculinity, and of a racialized notion of Frenchness" (249).
Before Butch and Femme: Virile and Feminine Gender Identities
This is an opportunity to catch three of America's mightiest improvisers at the virile peak of their powers.
Out of the 419 crayfish, 412 were identified as virile crayfish (Orconectes virlis), 3 were identified as calico crayfish (Orconectes immunis), and 4 were not identifiable.
Set against a haunting score for string quartet and performed by a virile ensemble who bring an exhilarating physical power to these familiar characters.
The 53-year old music mogul revealed last night he is a big fan of ginger tea, which is reputed to be an aphrodisiac and is claimed to make men more virile, boost their sperm count and maximizing sexual joy and satisfaction, the Mirror reported.
The High Commissioner urged all the political parties to join hands in building a strong and virile nation and hoped that the newly elected representatives would justify the confidence reposed in them by the people of Pakistan.
He is still a virile, wealthy businessman and she is his dowdy former nurse, who has clearly married up.
Ronny Mirel, president and chief executive officer of Natural Burst LLC, says edible strips such as Climax and Virile, sexual enhancers for women and men, respectively, are becoming popular in the category because of their fast absorption rate and the convenience of carrying them in a pocket, purse or gym bag.