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That's just to dramatize that he's still virile at his age and he's pissed off.
Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo made the statement after Duterte challenged Tatad to let him "borrow" his wife to show that he is still virile.
Dambazau said all Nigerians home and abroad should support the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari in its determination and sustained efforts towards a peaceful, united and virile nation, while wishing all Nigerians Happy Christmas and New Year celebrations.
I want a virile, argumentative, adversarial House" Baroness Boothroyd, the first woman Speaker of the House of Commons.
Elle s'en est pris violemment au president de l'ARP, Mohamed Ennaceur en en ces termes: [beaucoup moins que]Je suis plus honorable et plus virile que vous[beaucoup plus grand que].
Contract notice: project management mission for the improvement of the virile network within the framework of the Strasbourg, 100% cycling city concept..
And sadly, there is no shortage of individuals who are all too willing to believe, buy and use these products in the hope that they will live longer, be healthier, be more virile, or can turn back the biological clock.
Thus, in journals with titles like Combat and L'insurgent, as well as such incendiary pamphlets as Celine's Bagatelles pour un massacre [1938], they decried the degeneration of the "real France" and called for a sometimes fascist but always "virile" politics that might yield a separate legal status for the Jews.
Writers for these magazines referred to couples as "girlfriend" (Freundin) and "boy" (Bubi), or as "virile" and "feminine" women, early ancestors of "butch" and "femme." Some also used the new language of sexual science, referring to "homosexuals" and "transvestites." They were inspired by the work of doctors such as Magnus Hirschfeld, who in 1919 founded the Institute for Sexual Science in Berlin.
This is an opportunity to catch three of America's mightiest improvisers at the virile peak of their powers.
Out of the 419 crayfish, 412 were identified as virile crayfish (Orconectes virlis), 3 were identified as calico crayfish (Orconectes immunis), and 4 were not identifiable.
Set against a haunting score for string quartet and performed by a virile ensemble who bring an exhilarating physical power to these familiar characters.