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The student-teacher ratio for virtual schools is much higher than the ratio for "brick and mortar" schools, so virtual schools threaten to reduce employment.
Scholars are debating the nature of these virtual property fights.
In an October 2004 report sponsored by the Alliance for Virtual Businesses (A4VB) and titled A Comprehensive Study of the Virtual Assistant Industry, the birth of the VA industry is traced back to the mid-1990s, when entrepreneurs--some of whom had already been working remotely for their clients--began relying on technology to expand those relationships.
As in non-clustered virtual arrays, one must decide which controller to provision and assign a LUN through before its creation.
Eldon White, executive vice president and CEO of the National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA), sees virtual business as more than just another blip on business radar.
The team conducted a content analysis of the scholarly literature to enhance understanding of communication in virtual workforces.
The technology eliminates the need for time-consuming and expensive multi-photography photoshoots and digital image "stitching" procedures (cutting and pasting photos to create a 360[degrees] image) of earlier virtual tour technologies.
MOOs are text-based, object-oriented, and server-client virtual reality programs.
Then, you are able to access a fully interactive virtual product mark-up of the vehicle's proposed design.
Desperate to avoid another one of those interminable get-togethers, the board sends each shareholder a disposable virtual reality helmet with a Virtual Annual Meeting cued up inside.
Based on data entered by programmers, computers create virtual environments by generating three-dimensional images.
Despite this attention, however, virtual reality remains an infant technology caught perhaps prematurely in the limelight.