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Cloud-based application, MentorString integrates a virtual mentoring platform with a secure social collaboration capability.
Moreover, their Web pages can enhance virtual mentoring by providing email support and chat rooms.
But rather than offering a cookbook for doing such research, she provides virtual mentoring through a sampling of recent published articles covering observational and experimental methods for studying developmental stages from infancy to adolescence followed by her comments on the rationale for the study, its model of development, the relationship between theory and choice of design and assessment measures, use of statistics, and interpretation of results.
Virtual mentoring is another possibility for some volunteers.
The Virtual Mentoring program at FCCJ is designed with these goals in mind.
Knouse discussed several of the advantages and disadvantages of virtual mentoring.
The program is a 6-month interaction between mentors and mentees that will take place primarily on a virtual mentoring platform; however participants are encouraged to communicate using other forms, including private email, telephone, Skype, social media and/or chats.
Strive for College has committed to forming a pilot program that provides virtual mentoring to students in Indian country - some of the most remote and impoverished areas of the country.

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