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But there are some instances that call for virtual mentoring - such as working with teenagers serving time in a correctional facility or with volunteers who may have the skills to make a difference, but don't have the time to devote to traditional mentoring.
The Virtual Mentoring program at FCCJ is designed with these goals in mind.
Knouse discussed several of the advantages and disadvantages of virtual mentoring.
Fifth, virtual mentoring, from the perspective of the organization, is cost effective.
The program is a 6-month interaction between mentors and mentees that will take place primarily on a virtual mentoring platform; however participants are encouraged to communicate using other forms, including private email, telephone, Skype, social media and/or chats.
Each computer tablet is configured with applications and tools such as teacher training modules, daily lesson plans, virtual mentoring videos, and audio lessons to help teachers improve their instruction and the literacy levels of children in their classrooms.
This segment of the talent management market is undergoing a transformational change, and we believe we're leading the charge in the virtual mentoring and collaboration space.
A small sampling of specific topics: the evolution of virtual universities, trust in virtual communities, design and management of distributed virtual organizations, blogs as a social networking tool, desktop virtual reality applications for training personnel of small businesses, privacy and security, individual differences in social networking site adoption, digital connections and learning styles, the rise of the Chinese blogosphere, anonymity and gender in computer-mediated interactions, administrative leadership and the electronic city, a critical social reading of "YouTube," and virtual mentoring.

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