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So it was encouraging to note that this document was revived by the forum, which chose to create a global alliance of the virtuous. By doing so, the Abu Dhabi forum introduced the world to the noble message and goals of the document as the oldest and best document on earth that was not preceded by any similar charter of human rights.
virtue think of some anger as required for being virtuous; the virtuous
So, to answer the question I posed at the outset: no, the state cannot successfully enforce virtuous behavior--people will strive to do what they strongly prefer to do--but it certainly can create conditions that foster vastly more harm than would occur if it simply left people alone in regard to their vices.
Now, to solve the problems of imitative poetry we could undertake two strategies: we can expel all those poets who produce their works out of ignorance but we can also commend wise people, with real knowledge of human and divine affairs, to write renovated poetry which imitate really virtuous actions and which correctly represents the nature of gods.
Chapter four provides a road map for moving from Toxic to Virtuous Leadership.
The first group includes people who have gone corrupt though they were virtuous at the beginning.
4) We must know our character, our abilities, skills, defects, strengths, and all of our being in order to know what to change to be virtuous and what to cultivate in order to shape our character in virtue.
Anupam Yog, Marketing Director of Virtuous Retail says, "The luxury market in Surat is booming and VR Surat is an ideal place for those who are looking for designer & luxury shopping experiences.
"Increased spending is lifting growth and incomes, and money is flowing back to other households, in a virtuous circle."
Darryl Wright's response to this is to clarify that the context has to be set within what Rand calls a 'hierarchy of values' (109) and that Swanton must sort out the ambiguity about altruism, i.e., between virtuous and non-virtuous altruism, and do so in a way that makes 'altruism' a term which Rand should approve.
And number 13 is beautiful: "We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all ...
Fisher uses it to do both as he combines virtue ethics with consequentialism into what he terms "virtuous consequentialism."