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According to this particular odu ifa, moral principle demands you behave virtuously.
If the choice reflects not a free decision to act virtuously but only a desire to avoid the government's punishment, no real virtue exists, only compliance compelled by fear.
Gordon's ending admonition that the increasingly disproportionate share of income raked off by the very rich threatens economic growth may surprise any readers used to thinking of the wealthy as job creators, virtuously willing to part for a time with their capital, investing it in enterprises that generate employment.
Here we have a supposed counterexample to Badhwar's eudaimonism, in which living virtuously is supposed to make one's life go better.
Mackie, meanwhile, exudes an amusing cockiness underscored by insecurity, fitting for a character doing his best to delight in attention that he knows hasn't been virtuously attained.
By contrast, those figuring in the Book of Ruth perform many of the same acts morally and virtuously, looking beyond the surface of Ruth as a foreigner and recognizing the goodness within her.
Probably their most famous film of the period was Paula (1916), based on a distinctly risque novel by Victoria Cross in which the playwright heroine marries in order to get her play produced, tries to return to her lover who virtuously rejects her, returns to her husband and nurses him until he dies, returns again to her lover who is by then also seriously ill, gives him a life-saving blood transfusion and dies herself as a result
Religion imposes a responsibility on the believers both to live virtuously and to remind people around them of those moral virtues.
Science can reveal the environmental dangers caused by humanity; engineering can create the tools to protect the planet; and faith and moral reasoning can provide the practical wisdom (as Aristotle and Aquinas would have said) to choose virtuously for the common good.
They could be held only four times a year because I was busy saving the world from catastrophe at the time of financial crisis," he explained virtuously.
In this way, Ciencia & Saude Coletiva shall virtuously monitor permanent session initiatives on the history of the field of health, which have long been present in prestigious periodicals, such as the American Journal of Public Health with its "Voices from the Past".
Walsh argues that Osteen's view that "You act virtuously for your own sake, because it brings you happiness" is "[r]ooted in the Idolatry of Self" and "betrays a pagan attitude which positions the Self as the Ultimate Good, the Final Purpose.