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The approach here supported, I submit, is more harmonious with the basic nuances of psychological categories and is more virtuously parsimonious than these accounts.
Noteworthy are the last three verses: "Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all.
asserted that each human being is "born morally neutral" and can attain salvation by cultivating his character--his ability to think, feel, and act virtuously on a regular basis.
It will be especially valuable in challenging undergraduate students to live virtuously.
In the other, she resists temptation and virtuously returns home to Lawrence, stability, and boredom.
The basic structure of the book involves six steps toward self-forgiveness: (a) Receive God's Forgiveness, (b) Repair Relationships, (3) Rethink Ruminations, (d) Apply the REACH Model to Self-Forgiveness, (e) Rebuild Self-Acceptance, and (f) Resolve to Live Virtuously.
47) However, in making his case he merely redefines civic virtue such that anyone acting in a way that demonstrates a predisposition towards the common good, loosely defined, is acting virtuously.
It is a glorious dawn in a new existence where they join the rest of society's "strivers", as is the favoured term these days, paying in to the system and virtuously winning bread for their family.
Samskaras explain our mental dispositions, habits, or tendencies, and hence our tendencies to act virtuously or viciously.
The person must make a commitment to live as virtuously as possible so that a repetition of the failure does not occur.
Tenga, as honourable and virtuous as his stance appeared to be, ended up being a poster child for this ice-cold Machiavellian truism: "A man who wants to act virtuously in every way necessarily comes to grief among so many who are not virtuous.
The concern with corruption suggests that a success would be virtuously managed (or reasonably virtuously managed) railroads.