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In the real world, the human being is a trapped antinomy in which both toxicity and virtuousness co-exists.
Keywords: Organizational virtuousness, organizational citizenship behavior, perceived organizational support, positive psychology, mediation
POS focuses on issues including but not limited to perceived organizational virtuousness (Cameron et at.
Traditionally, for example, in the rationing systems instituted in Sweden and Finland, women were assigned the role of not only maintaining their own sobriety and virtuousness but also controlling the drinking of their husbands (Jarvinen, 1991).
Spiritual grandiosity may also foster denial of difference by supporting a cultural narrative of individual virtuousness which explains away disparities between in- and out- group members (Ancis & Szymanski, 2001).
For starters, Victoria chose virtuousness by refusing anything as she'd only had breakfast recently.
Laughton's wife Elsa Lanchester resented O'Hara, not least her prominent "no smoking, no drinking" virtuousness, prompting the celebrated barb: "Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, or anywhere else.
Caza, "The Amplifying and Buffering Effects of Virtuousness in Downsized Organizations," Journal of Business Ethics 64 (2006): 249-69.
Yet to prove his virtuousness, he needs not only to see, but to be seen seeing unmoved.
Exceedingly few empirical studies have been conducted on warmth as a dimension of organizational virtuousness since Chun's (2005) initial work.
We can do nothing, we can humbly and passively submit to whatever coercion is exercised against us, though we, and others, may pay a high price for this spiritual virtuousness.
However, many referred to cases which were considered against women's virtuousness [6] or even cause of debauch [20].