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Often it pleased the unfortunate young man to vex people with a lighter satire, yet still characterized by somewhat of snake-like virulence.
Small wonder that he had accumulated such a virulence and variety of fevers, he thought, as he recalled that sleepless night of torment, when the throb of his wounds was as nothing compared with the myriad stings of the mosquitoes.
The ill-will of Miss Knag had lost nothing of its virulence in the interval.
It's true that you will find people who'll tell you that this terrific virulence in breaking through all established things, is altogether the fault of men.
Rose had neither the discrimination nor the virulence to regard the little demon as I did, and they still preserved their former intimacy.
The virulence of this poison may be judged of from the fact that in half a minute I opened the mesh, and found a large wasp quite lifeless.
He will probably be horrified to hear that men can detest each other as cordially in khaki as in any other wear, and with a virulence seldom inspired by the bearded dead-shot in the opposite trench.
A general sentiment of pity overcame the virulence of religious hatred.
Mechanistic understanding of fungal virulence is crucial to developing novel plant protection strategies in sustainable agriculture.
The aim of this brief communication was to analyze the virulence profile and announces the genome sequence of Y.
The presence of selected virulence genes was established by PCR followed by gel electrophoresis and sequencing.