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08) was observed between virulence and molecular diversity showing independence in both trends of diversity.
Despite being a major foliar disease of wheat, limited work on the pathogen virulence has been reported from Pakistan (Ahmad, 2000; Hussain et al.
Virulence studies from 2000 to 2008, revealed 79 new races (PST-60 to PST-138).
Surveillance studies to track virulence changes in the stripe rust pathogen populations were useful in the deployment of resistant genes and guide breeding programs accordingly.
In addition to virulence studies, molecular markers are widely applied to characterize genetic diversity, population structure, phylogenetic relationships, and discrimination of pathotypes in fungal plant pathogen populations (Majer et al.
This study was therefore designed to analyze the diversity of virulence and molecular variation of the Pakistan Pst population and to determine the genetic relationship of the Pakistan isolates with predominant races in the United States.