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But instead of supporting the proven pro-American, anti-communist forces under Younas Khalis, Abdul Haq, and Abdul Qadir, they lavished aid instead on the most virulently anti-American Muslims, such as Gulbadin Hekmatyar (a cutthroat warlord who killed more of his fellow Afghans than he did Soviets), and the al-Qaeda Arabs under the command of the fanatical Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri.
Epstein summarizes early attempts to determine why the epidemic exploded so virulently in Africa.
Sadr, a virulently anti-American cleric with an unquenchable appetite for attention and power, had been Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki's strongest political ally.
Neither is likely because both are too virulently opposed by Republicans and moderate Democrats.
Pearce's answer to the paradox, namely that Lewis was never able to shake off his virulently anti-Catholic Belfast upbringing--I consider unconvincing.
Indeed, he was almost virulently opposed to technology, having seen the devastation caused by then state-of-the-art machinery during his time in the trenches.
There were, of course, many white members of Peoples Temple, a congregation that started in Jones' hometown in Indiana and relocated to California in part because the climate in the Midwest was so virulently racist and potentially dangerous for the uniquely integrated group.
Disturbed after reading Claude Bowers's virulently racist The Tragic Era: The Revolution After Lincoln (1929), Cooper wrote: "My dear Doctor Du Bois: It seems to me the Tragic Era should be answered-adequately, fully, ably, finally, and again it seems to me Thou art the Man
The escalating violence coincided with increasingly bloody in-fighting among Palestinian gunmen, and could hurt attempts by moderate President Mahmoud Abbas and the West to pressure the Hamas government to moderate its virulently anti-Israel stance.
Ibrahim struggles to carry on Ra'ad's photography biz, but becomes increasingly drawn to teachings of virulently anti-U.
Protestant evangelicals were the most virulently anti-Catholic group in America and often allied with the Klan.
The problem, Klein recently argued in The Nation, is that the West is virulently racist and neocolonial.